Why Travel?

Why travel - mt tibrogargan- climbntravel

 One popular question is why, why travel?

I travel for a lot of reasons……..

To Get away, escape, unwind and relax where the sounds of mobiles / CELL PHONES / people have been replaced by the early morning bush orchestra of birds singing from the beautiful high trees, there songs of happiness!  No crowds of people or highway traffic noise here!

The many feelings of traveling:

  • The escape and Freedom
  • Adrenaline rush
  • Inspire’s you
  • Makes you feel more Alive
  • Makes my soul sing with joy and happiness.
  • To escape the city and go into the wild……..

It opens your eyesIf you are open to it, travel will make you a more well-rounded human being. Being more open to other people and there culture and ways of life.

Seeing things you might not have either ever seen before, or might not have seen otherwise. Be it sightseeing, animals / creatures, beautiful views, waterfalls, meeting people along the way.

Gives you perspective – Meeting people from lots of different cultures will teach you that the way you look at the world (perhaps through mass media / tv) is not the way everybody does it. That you could in fact be dead wrong about it. Instead of seeing it on media and reading about it, you experience it first hand which is very different in the real world. Seeing it, living it for yourself brings a healthy dose of reality. Seeing and being with different cultures, hearing different accents, and languages opens up a world of different people, ways of living and ideas. Different cultures that celebrate in different songs and music things that perhaps you have never heard and seen before.

To do something new, when was the last time you did something for the very first time? And remembered what that feels like to achieve and accomplish something totally new.  In the every day to day life sometimes people forget there is a whole other world out there that is waiting for you to discover, explore and see ! What are you waiting for?

Dreams do come true If you want to travel…. You imagined it, daydreamed about it, envisioned it. Now’s the time to do it.!

You only have one life. One shot. So make it count, Live your dream!!!!

Learning who you are – Traveling with all the challenges it presents and opportunities, let’s you discover who you are in a way that only the road, wild, brings. Learning to overcome your fears, or things that mentally play on your mind, learning to rely on and do things totally by yourself. It will develop skills you didn’t know you had – The satisfaction / Adrenaline rush when reaching the top of the mountain, hike or crossing a gorge, or helping someone else get there to the top with you, these are all skills maybe you didn’t know you had!

It will create meaningful relationships People you meet while on the road become some of the most valued and friendly people you ever meet, giving you points on the map to visit later on.  When talking to other people doing the same gives you a glimpse outside your hometown circle of friends, forcing you into new and refreshing perspectives on things.

The challenge & adventure – Travel is full of moment of joy and challenges. Overcoming the challenges will give you some of the greatest joys of all

The stories – All the stories to share with your family and friends to inspire others and give others knowledge of all your experiences good or bad….. Learning from what not to do and what you recommend others they should do ! Learn and passing on , knowledge, and wisdom !

There are so many amazing and uplifting feelings of traveling that makes my soul sing with joy and happiness.

Why do you travel? Have things you would like to add please comment and let me know your ideas and what inspires you to travel below.

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