Top Rope Climbing course with Pinnacle Sports

Top Rope Climbing course with Pinnacle Sports


Two day climbing course with Pinnacle Sports, I did this on May 16th and 17th, 2015 $395.00 for both days, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  

From Indoor climbing gym to Outdoors Rock climbing and abseiling

IMG_20150222_132103abseiling at mt ngungun

This is the Course i did to transfer from climbing in a gym to outdoors. I have a friend that i climb with outdoors too but wanted to be sure that i had my own knowledge and get some good experience so we are safe when climbing outdoors! ( A lot different than in a climbing Gym! )

There is a lot to take in when transferring from a gym to outdoors, no more colored hand holds, and shelter from the weather! But welcome to the great outdoors, beautiful views, fresh air, using gear you set up yourself, opens up so many different climbing crags and places to go!

abseiling at mt ngungun climbntravel Brisbane city

So much to learn! (Top rope bottom belay)

  • Review of Exams
  • Review equipment for rock climbing
  • Knot Tying
  • Anchors for Abseil
  • Retrievable Abseil
  • Interpreting a guide-book an locating a route
  • Identifying rock features
  • Creating a safety line system
  • Setting up anchor systems for a bottom belay system
  • Belay skills
  • Creating anchors using artificial anchor points
  • Safety calls
  • Climbing skills
  • Further climbing practice
  • Assessment phase

This was an accredited course i did, which means this had exams – paper work, qualification and certificate included. You must have a Unique Student Indentifier ( USI Number ) If you require a USI, please visit to create one (this should take about 5 mins).

Units of Competencies included in the course:


SISOCLN201A Demonstrate simple top roping skills on natural surfaces
SISOCLN302A Apply climbing skills on natural surfaces
SISOCLN303A Establish belays for climbing on natural surfaces

SISOABN201A Demonstrate simple abseiling skills on natural surfaces
SISOABN303A Apply single pitch abseiling skills on natural surfaces
SISOABN304A Establish ropes for single pitch abseiling on natural surfaces

Notes I didn’t get to do Top belay because of so much rain, glasshouse mountains trying to reschedule to a new date.

Really enjoyed this course with Paul from Pinnacle sports, the other students were friendly too, i recommend this course if you are trying to do outdoor rock climbing or abseiling. This course covers everything from the basics to in detail and they are more than happy to help with finding the correct gear and any questions you have. Two full days of hands on Rock climbing and abseiling, learning while having fun, i learnt so much in these two days !

Get In Touch with Pinnacle Sports :-
Ph: (07) 3368 3335

Click on there webpage here :-

Visit there shop based in Red Hill, Queensland

17/152 Musgrave Rd
Red Hill
QLD 4059

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