The Sunflower Route, Queensland

The Sunflower Route, Queensland

Summer sunflowers

sunflowers roadtrip climbntravelYes that’s right i have driven all the way out just to see miles and miles of beautiful sun flowers! “Oh boy”, this was an awesome adventure, road trip 😀 Not just any sunflowers huge giant ones that stand as tall as me, some are even taller, !

I drove out to the Sunflower Route from Warwick to Allora, Queensland, Australia you can see the beautiful sunflowers anytime from late January through to March. The 50-kilometre round trip will also take you through the pretty patchwork countryside of ploughed black soil, and open farms.

To reach the 50km Sunflower Route, leave Warwick via Victoria Street. Turn right into Rosehill Road and then follow the signs to Allora along the Warwick-Allora Road.

sunflower route - climbntravelAllora’s spectacular sunflowers i think is a must do road trip, you have to smile when you see bright yellow sun flowers 😀 sunflower route climbntravel

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