Solo travel safety tips

Solo travel safety tips

How to be safe traveling alone …..

Solo travel safety tips Before you leave…

1.      Plan before you leave.

Do your research, Moving from one place to another, managing in a new language, navigating a new train / public transport system — it can be stressful. So plan in advance. Know what train/plane/bus you’ll take, how much it will cost, where to get it… even buy your ticket in advance if that’s possible.

2.      Book at least your first night’s accommodation in advance.

Booking your accommodation in advance – at least for the first night. Having a place to land will make your travels easier and safer. Also knowing where your going to start with will help you stress less and let you organize your plans from there. Having a base place to start with helps a lot when in a unknown place especially by yourself.

3.     Arrive early in the day. 

As you plan your transportation, schedule yourself to arrive in new destinations early in the day. Everything always looks better in daylight, allows you to get a full view of the place your staying at, your able to make changes and more time to plan when you arrive.

4.     Medical and health needs.

Check with your doctor or travel clinic to see if you need any special immunizations or medicine for your destination and make sure that you’ll have an adequate supply of any medication you take regularly. Stock up on medications that you either use every day or may need as you may find it hard to find where your going. Also stress less because you have the medication with you.

5.      Buy travel insurance before you leave.

This is the last essential step of pre-trip planning and it must be done before you leave. Buy medical and health insurance so that, should something go wrong, you’ll receive the medical care you need without breaking the bank. When selecting your medical insurance, make sure that it includes upfront payment for claims. Travel insurance usually also covers trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, and baggage loss & delay.

6.      Let family and friends know.  

Its important to let family or friends know where your going and what some of your plans are to stay safe and keep in contact. Even if you only let one person know where you are going. You could leave your estimated travel plans and a contact number, it will give you and family/ friends a piece of mind where you are planning to be. An address book of contact numbers of people you need to contact in an emergency or for advice could come in handy as well.


 On your travels…

Solo travel safety tips when traveling around….

1.    Give yourself time to settle in.

Take your time in a new location to get to know the town or city,  have fun exploring make sure to allow enough time to get back safely.

2 .    Stay in public.

Public is safer than private. Don’t go into private homes or cars with people you have just met. Doing so takes away your control and gives them power.

3.    Be proactive.

If you are feeling unsure about where you are or uncertain about your safety, look around and choose someone to approach for help. Using your gut instincts, you’ll likely choose a person who is safe however if you’re standing looking vulnerable, someone unsafe may choose you.

4.    Use the same common-sense safety skills you use at home.

As you travel through a different culture there is much that is unfamiliar however, there are some basic safety skills from home that still apply. Find out if your neighborhood or the place that you’re going to is safe. Don’t take short cuts across empty parks or dark streets. Let people know where you are – in the case of a solo traveler it may be a matter of leaving a note in your room or telling the person at the front desk. Don’t go to the aid of someone by yourself – get someone to help you. Be rude if necessary. Trust your gut. All of this applies equally away as at home.
5.    Keep in contact.  Its important to keep in contact with family or friends, even if it’s a quick phone, text message or email from a computer, this lets them know you are safe and well.

Thank you for all your support and for visiting my site, Stay safe traveling!

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