Save money on overseas transactions

Save money on overseas transactions


save money on overseas transactions climbntravelHave you ever walked into the bank to go and make a payment for an overseas transaction, or just to transfer money to an overseas account and get told that you have a huge Bank transaction fee?

YES i have too!!!! Its frustrating and annoying when they put such a high cost for just transferring your own money! Not only that if you have a few payments or transactions to make it starts adding up the cost, by the time your done. Just not Right!

But dont worry save money on overseas transactions today………:D

A few weeks ago i did research and found that you can walk into the Post office fill out a document / form and save money on transaction fees, This small document has saved me a lot of money recently, and it can you too!

Money transfer form, To send and receive money through the western union via the post office.

Awesome Features are:-

  • Speed – money is sent fast overseas!
  • Get a Good exchange rate for your money!
  • Trust – i have used this service a lot now and fully trust this service and so does millions of others every year
  • Convenience – At you local post office its easy! 😀
  • Choice, you can transfer cash to either a bank account or mobile phone in selected countries
  • Reliability
  • Service available to over 40 countries

Simply walk into the post office and ask for a form, fill out and they action it on the spot for you.

You can also get a text message when the money is sent!, Send money direct to a bank account from $10.00* and the receiver pays no fees!, (Note please check with your local post office for terms and conditions, also depends on what country your sending money too.)

The best part is this service is available to over 40 countries! Saving you a lot of money on transactions, its always good to save money where you can especially on bank fees!

Final notes:- There are two forms, one to give to the post office and the other make sure you keep your copy of the filled out form and the receipt of payment/ transaction, put your email and phone number on the form to help record your transaction.

And its done no more awful overseas Bank transaction fees again!!! 😀

Do you have a climb n travel question, a story to share, any advise for me, or just want to say hello?  I would love to hear from you! Happy and safe travels.

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