Preparing your car for travel

Preparing your car for travel - climbntravel

Preparing your car for travel

If your Planning a long Road Trip or going on a short drive either way the last thing anyone wants or needs is vehicle / car trouble on the road.

If your like me and use your car all the time for road tips and getting away, A little pre-trip preparation can help prevent frustration at the side of the road. Save time and money!, and avoids the possibility of being stuck in the middle of no – where!

Preparing your car for travel, I would recommend servicing your vehicle / car regularly if you are doing alot of miles as it will help cut down the wear and tear of your vehicle and helps prevent things going unnoticed. Helps with making sure you have a safe car to travel in and limits the amount of possible hassles. Possible road side call outs that cost a fortune!

Best advise is Look after your vehicle or car!

There are many reasons for breakdowns, but overheated cooling systems, and tire problems are the more common reasons vehicles become stranded.

car engineTheses are common sense checks, but sometimes get over looked when your planning everything else for your trip dont forget your car!

A few simple inspections can locate many potential problems. Some are easily done by yourself, vehicle owner, such as:-

  • Checking engine oils
  • Coolants
  • Tire wear and pressure
  • Lights operation
  • Wiper blades / water for wiper blades
  • Brakes

Low tire pressure or a damaged tire could cause a blowout. Tires need to be inspected carefully, including the spare! Tires with less than 4/32 inch tread depth can aquaplane on wet roads, so worn tires should be replaced!

Preparing your vehicle for travel by getting it inspected  having regular servicing, preventative maintenance done allows you to schedule required repairs at your convenience in a local repair shop that will save you time and money.

Knowing your vehicle is safe and in good operating condition makes enjoying the road trip adventure that much better! And so much less worries 🙂

Safe Road trip travels!

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