New year New Goals 2016

New year New Goals 2016


Last year was a good year 2015, i did my first tough mudder, i went on lots more adventures,  learnt how to climb outdoors, top rope course, sport lead course and climbing, lots of climbing/ hiking adventures getting confidence, meeting new people and even went to summit Mt Kosciuszko, top of Australia, taken up Taekwondo again training here in Brisbane, i did end up breaking my hand doing a knife hand stick to break a board, (wasn’t meant to happen), but all good part of training, will heal stronger hopefully 😀

Summit of Mt Kosciuszko, Top of Australia

summit of Kozciuszko climb and travel My first Tough Mudder,  and my hand from Taekwondo………

Rona Theobald, Tough MudderMy broken hand


This year is going to be big! New year, New Goals 2016!

Happy New year to all my friends and family overseas 🙂 Im still living in Brisbane, Australia.

Im not a fan of new years resolutions but i like setting new goals, things to aim for and achieve, always lots to learn, so this year here is a few:-

I have a lot on this year working full time, New year goals hopefully that i want to achieve are:-

  • Gaining my Black Belt in Taekwondo / = Training hard!
  • Learning to teach / instruct Taekwondo
  • First mountaineering expedition / mountaineering course in April of this year! (South island, Wanaka, New Zealand, – Training hard! )
  • Tough mudder 2016 volunteering and helping out on Saturday and Sunday im running it too!
  • Summit of Mt Cook is my big aim, – will see how my mountaineering course training goes. Maybe looking at the end of the year? (Depending on a few things) = (New Zealand’s highest mountain) 
    Elevation: 3,724 metres
  • Outdoor leader Training course – Would like to learn how to guide rock climbing , abseiling and bush walking (after training gain an outdoor recreation job.) Working with people and giving them an adventure of a life time.
  • Spare time of course ill be doing more of my own Road trips, rock climbing and hiking adventures, Most of all having fun, and enjoying life! 😀



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