Navigation – Logbook 6

Navigation – Logbook 6

Outdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

Another beautiful sunny day, meeting at the township of Beerburrum opposite the post office, arrived at 7.30am for 8.00am start.

Logbook entry 6 – Worth wild, Sunday 21th February 2016

Today we are doing a navex (navigation exercise), waited in the park opposite until everyone arrived. Jessie joined as a new student, Going off road Martin and Jessie both had students in there cars to make it easier being 4wd tracks, i went with Martin, we reached the track, parked up and set up our cool / awesome Bush classroom up. Awesome idea Canvas base we can sit on and a tent giving us all shade. (Thanks Martin 😀 ) Which meant we had shade for the day!

Beerburrum, Queensland.Outdoor bush classroom

In the morning we talked about Equipment management, navigation and customer service, filling out all the paper work we had printed out in our emails send out to us during the week.

Equipment management working out when to wash a rope, checking a rope for damage, (running our hands through the rope when coiling) Customer service talking about how to deal with certain situations we come in to and how to solve them.

Navigation – i personally have never done any navigation with a compass and map at all, this being all new, i was excited about learning something new and being able to Navigate is very important, for guiding, taking groups out bush walking, (Gaining a, Job wise) also for myself as im going mountaineering in April. (This will help)


i found it very hard, frustrating and overwhelming…. mainly because i was finding it hard to understand, and a lot to take in. I would differently say this has been the hardest day of my course so far! and not confident at all with Navigation. Pressure to understand and being able to achieve navigation, ( totally out of comfit zone – and id be lost )This being a really big issue for me i will work hard in the future to attend the next navigation lesson/ lessons and hopefully understand it better.

Will also do my own research, spend time trying to understand and work out how to navigate. Notes about my compass do not pay attention to the outside North as it is confusing.

Long stressful day, was so glad when it was over to be honest, hopefully next session is better. Goal of mine get better at Navigating with a compass and map!

My compass - climbntravel

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