My island – Isle of Rona

My island – Isle of Rona


Yes i have an island…..well at least it has the same name as me!

One day i want to visit South Rona.

I actually have two! North Rona which is so remote and hard to get to some people have said North Rona is an island at the edge of the world!

South Rona is more well known, a small island in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. It lies between the Sound of Raasay and the Inner Sound just north of the neighboring island of Raasay and east of the peninsula of Skye.

South Rona has no roads, no shops, no pubs, no restaurants and a population of just two, and being remote sounds good to me peace! People can get to South Rona by small boat from Portree.

One day im going to visit ! And ill update here when i visit 😀

More information Isle of Rona

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