Mt Barney National Park

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Mt Barney National Park

 Australia day, 26th / 01 / 2016, Mt Barney Hiking day! 

Mt Barney, East peak- Up and Down South Ridge, South Peasants Ridge circuit

Distance if take direct route (not including getting lost detours )16.5 Kms ,

Time = 11 hrs Guide, Grade = 5 Hard, Elevation = 1,359 m

Mount Barney National Park is a national park in Queensland Australia, 90 km southwest of Brisbane.

Just over an hour drive from South Brisbane where im currently living, (or Two hours from Brisbane) On the dirt / gravel road down be on the look out for Kangaroos, (Kangaroos jump in front of vehicles/ cars – or they do mine!) and wild life as they can be on the roads.

We Left Yellow pinch car park at 7am,

The track starts at the end of a 4km vehicle track, that must be hiked, and then goes through a gate and over a water ford / will get your feet a little wet and beware of leeches!, you should read all the signs before commencing on this track as it is very hard and not well marked you should have a map and compass, as GPS doesn’t always work. It can be tricky keeping to the path! (Allow plenty of time (Start early!) went off track a few times, look out for white tape on trees and orange point markers) Lots of Kangaroos and Lizards very beautiful views of bush lands to start with.

To start of with I found this hike is very hard on the knees going up, but getting higher it was less on the knees, becomes easier, admiring all the look out points on the way up of Mt Maroon and Mt May in the distance, very beautiful, lovely cool fresh air in the lungs the higher you climb!

A note on weather as well it can change very fast make sure to have the correct gear. Enough water and food. When we finally found the summit it was misty but beautiful, amazing views and that feeling of we made the summit! We then sat down to have lunch on the summit feeling really good having got to the top, after a short lunch break we tried to go down the other ridge but as weather turned on us/ thick mist and light rain, making it wet and slippery, getting lost, we found the track we came up on east peak down. Once the cloud cover cleared after about an hour we could finally make our way down and see the track!

Alot quicker going down once we could see again and follow the path, we arrived back at the car park at 6pm a good days long hike with a few Backtracks / detours / getting lost but totally worth it ! 11 hours total hike. (Start to finish getting a little lost with weather)

Things to remember / Mt Barney National Park:- is it can be very over grown in alot of parts and very hard to find the path. Compass and Map, (GPS only as an extra), Leave with heaps of time early start, take enough water and food can be very hot and humid!, Weather can change very fast making it wet and slippery beware.

Make sure you do your research and let someone know where you are going before you go. I recommend this hike, even tho challenging / hard, had alot of fun amazing views at the top summit!

There is alot of walking and hiking tracks in the Mt Barney National Park this was only one of them plan on visiting again to do some more, other hikes in the future!

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