Mount Kosciuszko Summit walk

Mount Kosciuszko Summit walk

Road Trip addiction!

This was part of a Road trip from Brisbane to Kosciuszko with my Dad – Started road trip Saturday 26/12/2015 from south Brisbane, Got to Canberra Sunday 27th/12/2015, Canberra war museum, then to Thredbo, Mount Kosciuszko Summit walk on the 28/12/2015, Home late 29/12/2015.

More about the Road trip Here.

Mount Kosciuszko is Australia’s highest mountain at 2228 meters, Mount Kosciuszko is located on the Main Range of the Snowy Mountains in Kosciuszko National Park, part of the Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves, in New South Wales, Australia.

So we finally arrive at Thredbo 28/12/2015 (Note the National park entry fee to get into parking area), after our massive road trip, exploring Canberra and the museum, now the moment i have been waiting for to do the Mount Kosciuszko summit walk!

I did plan originally to do the Merritt’s Traverse walk which starts at the bottom and then walk on from there to the Mt Kosciuszko summit but because of a number of reasons – being tight for time – My Dad wasn’t to impressed with me at doing the long way and said we should enjoy the chair lift up.

The Chair Lift from Thredbo village, The scenic chairlift is open 365 days a year, (My dad was thankful for!),  The Kosciuszko Express Chairlift is 1.8km long and rises 560 vertical metres.
The ride takes 15 minutes one way and offers spectacular valley views as you are lifted to the closest access point to Mount Kosciuszko. Then from there you can walk to the summit. (Recommend a day pass if your going up and down on the chairlift we paid $35 each for an all day pass.)

Mt Kosciuszko Summit Walk from the chairlift Distance: 13km, Highlights: 360 degree alpine views, Seasonal wildflowers, Wild horses that we were very lucky to see! A little bit of snow! (time of year summer), Giant rock formations and waterways.

We started early – To beat the crowds, I’d suggest an early start too, no worries about hoping on the chairlift there were staff to help you on, (little scary with trying to jump on before the ramp ends, your feet just hanging there to start with) when you arrive at the top there is a mesh metal walkway specially designed to prevent erosion (stay on track to protect and preserve) along the way we see lots of wildflowers, and also lucky enough to see two wild horses which were roaming together, they came close to the path, hard to explain how beautiful and pretty this place is in summer!

 Just really appreciating the landscape / wildlife and admiring everything, We get to even see little patches of snow! Near Lake Cootapatamba, one of five tiny lakes in the Kosciuszko area which were formed by glaciation in the last Ice Age. Keep following the track and get to see more small patches of snow even in summer, cant help it im a big kid when it comes to playing in snow! And now im living in Queensland, Australia it never snows!

It’s worth stopping by at some of the water streams / icy pools by the sides of the trails, washing your hands and splashing some water on your face “aaaaaah”! “Im Alive” and “im free” how lucky i am to enjoy such a place! I enjoy being out in the wild outdoors so much! So much beautiful things to see and explore 😀

I really enjoyed this Road trip and summit walk with my Dad, a trip to remember for a life time!

There are tougher ways to climb Mount Kosciuszko and one day im going back to do Merritt’s Traverse walk to the summit of Kosciusko! Also looking at doing The Aussie 10 (summiting the ten highest peaks in Australia) Lots more climbing and traveling to come yet!

summit of Kozciuszko climb and travel

Notes:- There are two fees which you may need to pay in order to climb Kosciuszko.

1. National Park Entry Fee – (Note Price depends on time of year)
Must be paid per person or per vehicle.

The Road that leads to mt Kosciuszko is a toll road which is the National park entry fee, you must display this pass on your vehicle once in the park. (Wasn’t clear to us it was actually a toll road)

A Note about car parking lots of car parking in summer / (just maybe have to walk), but in winter this would be very busy! Plan your journey ahead.

2. Chairlift Fees – (If you choose too.)
If you plan on using the Thredbo chairlift and start from the top of Thredbo, you will need to pay a chairlift fee, (This can include both ways up and down -one day pass is cheaper. – Adult pass for us was $35.00 each)

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