Mind over matter

Mind over matter

I often find myself coming back to this alot, MIND OVER MATTER!

No matter what you are doing, or going through, mind over matter applies to alot of things, Learning to keep only positive thoughts and positive vibes, the use of willpower to overcome physical problems.

At the moment im relating this to my Rock climbing, sometimes ill come to a wall with hardly any hand holds or a wall that looks hard or daunting and think im not going to be able to achieve this. Im not perfect i have my own demons and do question myself alot. But i intend to overcome these…….. “Mind over matter”!

Control Your Mind Or It Will Control You!

Having a positive MIND set you can get through anything no MATTER the problem!

Im learning myself and pushing myself to change my own mindset, When you have reached a certain level of climbing physique, the mental element becomes a huge part of climbing. Even planning the root of your climb in your mind before you start the climb. Often times you fail a climb in your mind long before your body gives up due to lack of strength or endurance.

For myself i have found theses things very important…..

Here’s my list to building confidence:-

Train hard 🙂
They say Practice makes perfect….., learning techniques, learning holds and training your body so it becomes second nature.

Knowledge is the key! Study and know inside out what you want to achieve!
Know your gear / tools / equipment inside out which is very important,  For safety as well as piece of mind, You dont want to be thinking about your gear when your half way up a climb! Plan what gear you need to take, learn how your gear works what you can and cant do. You can never learn enough, there is always so much to learn and im always trying to learn everything i can to become more confident not only in myself but with how i climb. Knowledge is the key!

Read inspiring climbing Books and Blogs

Watching inspiring climbing movies

Talk to people who are in the same situation

Build mental imagery of a successful climb

Develop a climbing attitude

Having a positive MIND set you can get through anything no MATTER the problem!

Mind over Matter something i always need to remember.

Mind over matter think positive climbntravelDo you have a climb n travel question, a story to share, any advise for me, or just want to say hello?  I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for all your support and for visiting my site.

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