Knots & Rigging – Logbook entry 5

Knots & Rigging – Logbook entry 5


Outdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

Arrived early 7:30 am for 8:00am Start at Mount Ngungun, Glasshouse mountains, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, extra notes parking is always busy!

Logbook entry 5 – Worth wild, Saturday 20th February 2016

Meeting Martin, Tom and all other students, Today we are doing Knots & Rigging, ( Top rope rig and abseil setup) during the week we were given knots to learn, i have been taught differently so today i have gained knowledge to tie them another way.

For Knots & Rigging:

  • Rewoven Figure Eight
  • Figure Eight on the Bight
  • Double Figure Eight Knot
  • Alpine Butterfly
  • For top-belay abseil and general use:
  • Bowline & Half Double Fishermans
  • Creating a Sling with a Tape Knot
  • Creating a Safety Line

In the Morning we had Martin showing us rigging, setting up down by the cars, talking about what gear is needed for setting up, going through what we can use as anchors natural or artificial, When buying new ropes we need to lay them out and measure them, use tape to make how long the rope is and a number for which kit it now belongs to, – when doing this always check for any damage running your hands through the rope. We did spend time measuring some brand new rope’s martin had just brought. ( While others practice Knots )

Learning to coil long ropes as well – Do not put over my shoulders, how i used to coil a rope!. Gear checking again making sure all gear is with correct bag.

We then went to rig up some ropes, we walked up to the Lower cliffs for rigging. Tom spent a lot of time with us all checking our ropes and making sure they were correct. Did both Top rope and abseil set ups.

Spending a few hours rigging, different set ups.

Long sunny hot day, lucky we had some shade with the trees (shade cover), around 3pm checked we had everything in our kits, walked back to the cars, tomorrow meeting at the township of Beerburrum opposite the post office for an 8.00am Start.

Tomorrow we are doing navex (navigation exercise). Wear sensible walking shoes, bring a back pack, Compass, plenty of water, some lunch, and a folding camp chair if you want one.



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