Logbook entry 4 – Worth wild

Logbook entry 4 – Worth wild


Outdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

Sunday 14th of February 2016,

Arrived at 7:00 am for 8:00am Start at Mount Ngungun, Glasshouse mountains, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Clients only got given a harness and helmet only for rock climbing session, they then carry it up with them.

Beautiful day, we did rock climbing, and belaying for some clients as well, going over the figure 8 knot tieing in, making sure that ropes are not tangled before climbing, going through all the checks and calls for climbing.

Correct format of calls are below:-

climbing calls - ClimbntravelLearning the calls above, again im still getting used to trusting new belay partners, i like the rope tight when im top rope climbing so i said “take” alot. We were climbing at the top ot Mount Ngungun nursery cliffs, top rope down.

Beautiful hot day got alot in, Martin talked about guide books (the one i already have), shoes and other equipment ( i have most gear ) maybe look at getting a figure 8 device for abseiling, and a assistant kit that he talked about / Martin can provide.

After climbing we had a chat about how to correctly pack up gear.

All Kits, Each kit at the end of the day need to be checked and accounted for. Card on each bag that says what equipment and gear go into the bags. This is important for the next set up that all the right gear is in the correct bags, making easy and faster, efficient next day set up.

Other notes got told to follow face book about up coming events, keep up with all logbook information and course note / assessments, should get a timetable layout planning our next lessons.

First Assignments handed in to Martin were:-
  1) Introduction to Abseiling & Rockclimbing,  
2) Minimise environmental impact ,

  3) OH&S in the Outdoor Recreation Industry

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