Logbook entry 3 – Worth wild

Logbook entry 3 – Worth wild


Outdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

Saturday 13th of February 2016,

Arrived at 7:00 am for 8:00am Start at Mount Ngungun, Glasshouse mountains, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Meeting some new students that have joined up, up to 10 students now.

Today we did some more abseiling, and belaying for clients, 20metres first and then the 50metres just before lunch, Clients had half a day abseiling.

Today i learnt to trust gloves when abseiling, using gloves for the first time allowed me to go alot faster, bend my knees and even do jumps down, no burning of the hands with my new gloves, and i stayed controlled.

I know now how to abseil with both no gloves and gloves which i think is good experience to have, no gloves makes you take it slow and controlled, (for me i thought no gloves were safer to start with because gloves may become loose and get caught up) Now i have leant with gloves i now understand and love going a little bit faster controlled speed and jumps abseiling down is fun.

The weather started off good, quite hot, and in the afternoon around lunch we had to call it off because of the rain, we were in the clouds and in the rain, winds were strong on the side of the cliff we wanted to keep abseiling on which makes it even worse. Good call to stop and pack up gear. (safety being important)

Packed up gear quickly because of the weather, not forgetting anything checking around for no gear left behind. Back down to car park and meet up tomorrow for better weather.

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