Logbook entry 2 – Worth wild

Logbook entry 2 – Worth wild


Outdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

Sunday 31 January 2016

Meeting at Kangaroo point cliffs, Brisbane, arrived at 7.40am for 8.00am start Abseiling and belaying session today.

Today Kits were organized and put out ready for clients when they arrived. Harness so they could easily step into, helmet, gloves, Figure 8 and carabiner all easy for clients to see and use.

Went though safety with clients, clients and students put on there gear , then instructors checked all gear of every one, a way of them telling who has been checked the instructor would put the carabiner though the loops ready with the figure 8 device attached. checking all buckles of harnesses are done up. Helmets on so they do not move around the straps tight.

The Top rope was already attached and ready done by instructors.

Checks before abseiling are :-

A = Anchors

B =  Buckles

C = Carbiners – Must be Screwed up if screw gates.

D = Decender

E = Everything else, = Gloves, helmet, long hair, shoe laces

F = Friend = is your belay partner ready and paying attention!

Understanding the communication pattern with the belayer, very important!

Belaying for the clients and taking in turns an abseil in between. Abseil belay (Belaying with no belay device), just rope giving small amounts of slack only when needed, Learnt to trust my belayer and go “Hands Free”! only when the belayer has locked of the rope by holding it tight and close to there hips.

Hands free and Trust your belay partner me Below 🙂

me jan 2016 climbntravelMe hands free abseiling - Climbntravel

Trust , Balance as well as No HANDS!




Things to improve on Still had no gloves today in the future will try with gloves abseiling, trust with gloves and rope not slipping through the gloves, but would help hands.

All Kits, Each kit at the end of the day need to be checked and accounted for. Martin needs to be told if there is issues with the equipment, worn or missing. Some gloves today were very worn out and taken out of the kit, they were put aside / not safe to use again ! the gloves were put aside so martin can put more gloves in the kits for the next clients.

There is a Card on each bag that says what equipment and gear go into the bags. Writing on the end of the Ropes example 25/3 means, 25 metres of rope, kit 3.

After the gear checking we had a chat about logbooks, keeping records for the course need to keep up to date, course information studying any extra modules……

– im still not sure about Kayaking and canyoning, but differently Rock climbing, Abseiling and Bush walking, First aid / CPR + the wilderness first aid as the extra modules.

Other notes keep up to date working through the workbooks online on the website, and keeping an eye on the student facebook for events and timetables.  Reminder for me:- Every second weekend needs to be free for the course.

Today has been a very hot sunny day we have had a big weekend today finishing at around 1.00pm.


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