Logbook entry 1 – Worth wild

Logbook entry 1 – Worth wild


Outdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

Saturday 30th of January 2016

First day on my new Outdoor Leader training course with worth wild.

Logbook entry 1 – Worth wild

First meeting with Martin, Managing Director – Outdoor Recreation of Worth Wild and the other students Ashleigh, Callum, Eniko, Josh, Jo, and Orien. ( x7 students in total, including me)

Arrived at 7.45am for an 8.00am Start, cloudy over cast day. Today’s agenda is Abseiling and Rock climbing at Mt Ngungun at the glass house mountains, Queensland, Australia.

After meeting everyone for the time first we had a chat about where we are going and gear, need to have everything out of our cars because it is a bit of a hike up, approx 30mins.

Students and Clients got given gear for the day to take, carry up on the hike, Harness, Helmet, Gloves, Figure 8 device, and carabiner, this allows them to carry and take care of there own gear before the hike. (I have my own gear – Notes just need to get a Buy a “figure 8” device). Now hike to the top, a talk about safety and checking everyone in there gear.

Estimate of around 15 clients for abseiling in the morning and only two Rock climbing clients in the afternoon.

In the morning, First abseil in a long time was a little bit nervous to begin with. This was a 20 metre abseil at the top of Mt Ngungun (Haven’t done much abseiling in past) I like to abseil with no gloves but need to maybe have a go at learning with gloves to improve in the future. 50 metre abseil was amazing first ever 50 metre abseil the day was still cloudy and overcast but still great views of the clouds and mist from light rain.

Learning about the figure eight device for abseiling how to rig, how to control stop and start, hand close to hips slow or stop , /  hand out of hips the faster you go. (wear on hands something to note and beware of. – Trust Gloves in future / having a go with gloves in future)

(Photo of my Notes from my Written Logbook and showing the Drawing i did for the Figure 8 device below, explained.)

My notes from Log book Rock climbing in the afternoon, Top Rope up, Learning to trust my NEW belay partner, having not rock climbed with them before makes me nervous as a climber, so im extra slow and nervous about making moves/ certain holds. (Im used to climbing with a friend who i trust fully) Learning to trust new people.

Rock climbing at the Upper Main cliff to the Left of it. (Next to nursery cliffs), overcast day with light rain.

Upper cliffs mt ngungun rock climbing upper cliffs mt ngungunI have belayed alot before and know how important it is to keep an eye on your climber at all times communication between the belayer and climber is VERY important. (You hold your life in your hands) Before climbing check there belay device is clipped in Gate screwed up tight, belayer to check climber that the figure 8 knot is correctly through there harness and tied up correctly. The rope above is straight with nothing caught or tangled. The belayer says “on belay” – The climber says ready to climb, “climbing”, and so it begins.

At all times the belayer must watch the climber.

Some of the group leaves and heads back down. The days coming to an end and its starting to get heaver with rain, i stay behind to help with gear, taking and undoing the top rope, taking all carabiners off the rope undoing knots in ropes and helping pack up rope. Learning the way to pack up ropes in the bag, Doing a last check that we haven’t missed anything gear wise, and head back down to the cars.

Saying goodbyes finished for day one.

(Me, Rock Climbing (Top Rope) on the Right hand side below.)

Me rock climbingWorth wild website click Here.

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