Top Belaying, Logbook 7

Top Belaying, Logbook 7

Outdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

This weekend we were lucky had Saturday off, Today Sunday 28th of February 2016 meeting up at Kp, Kangaroo point , 0715 for student briefing.

Today we have alot of clients, large group abseiling at Kangaroo Point. Normal set up for Kangaroo point, of gear layed out ready for when clients arrive. Students were bottom belay for the clients, i did a lot of belaying for clients, in between times doing Knots for Martin to be checked off for assessment. Huge day with lots of happy clients abseiling.

The day was sunny with light patches of rain in between, in the afternoon we talked about packing up gear making sure all kits have the correct gear! Martin likes to have the gear layed out in front of the bag so it can be checked of by him and then put into the bag this insures all gear is accounted for and correct.

Top Belaying

We then had a lesson on top belaying, I have never done top belaying, On the top rope course i did with pinnacle sports course we missed out on top belay because of the weather (rain) This is awesome learning new skills top belay.

Set up another rope keep everything on your right hand side of the (Top belay person) but to the left of the abseil person , Using two Alpine butterfly knots to set up the top belay, get in a position that you are able to see over the cliff, but are also comfortable, set up one alpine knot to attach to top belay persons harness and another alpine knot to attach the Belay device in this case we use a figure eight device, – these alpine knots need to be close together, We use a Bowline to attach the other end of the rope to the abseil person through the leg loops of the harness. This gives the top belay person control.

Safety notes as a top belay person, always have a safety line on, do not use gloves!, do not strain of the belay line, stand up tall and get comfortable otherwise could hurt yourself, especially long periods of time in that same position!

One of the main things i learnt is to relax and stand up and get comfortable, to start with i was bending my knees and in an awkward position if i did this all day i would be very sore and could strain myself not good long term wise.

Been a long day so we packed up the rest of the gear, and we will catch up on learning escaping the top belay another day.

Assessments that i handed in are :- 

  • Safe guard an abseiler using a single rope belay system
  • SISXFAC207 Maintain sport and recreation equipment for activities

Other course Notes:- 

Next weekend we have off, Next course meeting is 12th and 13th of March (weekend) 


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