Logbook 31 Abseiling Saturday and Sunday

Logbook 31 Abseiling Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25 of September 2016  

Abseiling session in the afternoon at the glasshouse mountains, Tom sent a message Angela is running the session, Myself and Andy assisting, Jason and Nick assisting with practice, this meant myself and Andy doing Top belay.

Angela messaged me to tell me i am doing the OH&S Briefing and do to the Abseil demo plus dispatch top belay.

I am beginning to get more confident in specking in front of lots of clients, my briefs wording has got a lot better, not feeling as nervous. My demo was loud and clear, i asked if there was any questions there wasn’t any.

Top belay i had a brain freeze its been a long time since i have done top belay, put on the spot after doing the briefs i found it a little hard, my first client was a young boy who was so scared that he was hugging me a bit and i didn’t have much room to tie the top belay knot. which i will be honest made me nervous that i wasn’t sure, asked Angela and tom for help, After a couple of times i had it again, and my nervousness went away. Need to do this regular so i do not forget it!

I have volunteered to do Sunday (Meant to have tomorrow off ) Need more practice on top belay more confidence needed.

Sunday 25th September 6:30 am start at Kp I did Rigging with Tom, Rigging was good releasable abseil rigging. Note:- Tom said just make sure releasable is on the correct side to be reasable to not rub on the gate of carabiner, otherwise good rigging.

Did the OH&S Briefs and Abseil Demo again today, nothing was added by Tom or Zoran, awesome day so much more confident, the more i repeat things the better. Packed and checked gear Finished at 12am.

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