Logbook 30 Wilderness first Aid & First aid course

Logbook 30 Wilderness First Aid & First aid course 4 Days 

Friday 26th August to Monday 29th August Four intense days!   

Friday 26th  Notes:-

Breathing, Pulse, pupils, LOC =Level of consciousnesses, AUPU, Temperature, Skin colour, BP= Blood pressure, Ins and Outs.

Best First Aid Kit, as discussed  = 

  • x4 wound dressing, snake bite 1.5 meters,
  • Gloves
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Face mask CPR
  • Lighter
  • Knife/ scissors
  • Para cord
  • Safety pins
  • Whistle
  • signal mirror
  • iodine water treatment
  • Burn aid
  • strapping tape
  • paper tape
  • fever temperature thermortor = no batteries (flat one)
  • Drugs Panadol,
  • Hydration salts, drinks
  • Lemsip
  • Aspron
  • Cable ties
  • sharpie pen / marker
  • Yellow hazard bags
  • Emergency blanket


  • Asthma inhaler / s


Process for wilderness first aid (Step by step):-

1) Assess, Aquire, Activate

2) Maps -Make safe,  



Call 000 Australia

4) Head to toe checks

  • Symptoms
  • Allergies
  • medications
  • Previous injuries
  • Last ins and outs
  • Events – Can you remember what happened ?

5) Docements

Take Vitals – Vital sheets, Casualty Examination sheet, Observations need to be written down and given to emergency officers when they arrive.

6) Evacuation Decision calculator

Stay or go plan ? Fill out sheet to get result

7) RRR



Other Notes:-

Bites, Burns, Bleeds, Breaks

Land Bites = Cold compress

Sea Bites = Hot compress

Snake, cone shell,  pressure immobilization,

Snake Bite = Keep still, start at the Bite backwards, then another one over, Mark the spot where the bite is, keep checking pulse and vitals, check finger tip, or toe so that the bandages isn’t to tight.

Box jelly fish = Vinegar, salt water

Burns = cold water,  cool for 20 mins , – 9%burns = Hospital, – Infection use glad wrap to wrap wound keeps from infection. keeps clean.

Bleeds = Raise arm above heart, direct pressure, first aid, clean first, then bandage.

Tornak first aid – triangle bandage, sharpie write time down, screw driver maybe used.

Breaks – Useable or not? Rice =Rest Ice Compress Elevate

  • Talk
  • Observe – cut open clothing ! get in and see it
  • Touch it
  • Active moment – write your name in gravel for movement of hand or foot test
  • Passive
  • Stand test – can they stand / lump
  • Usable
  • Yes = strap assist monitor
  • No= Immobilize, splint, Evac

Saturday 27th /08/ 2016 Radios 

UHF = ebay




TX 1-8    RX 31-38 repeaters           40 = truckers use

UHF – Line of sight

TX – Transmit, – Rx Receives

Duples = Repeats (Repeater stations – Hill Areas ) DUP

Group communication – press duplex , dup , Automatic

Call Signs 0A Zero Alpha , radio-call-namesSo much to learn, we did lots of practice scenarios. 

wilderness-first-aid-course wilderness-first-aid




Going though Symptoms and what to do treatment wise:- How to handle situations.

What we learnt is it is best to be prepared for anything, Make sure we have all the correct equipment, first aid gear, communications, planning is essential, back up plans in case, what if plans (something goes wrong we would do this), prevention is always best!

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