Logbook 26 & 27 Stinson Bush walking

Logbook 26 & 27 Stinson Bush walking


Saturday and Sunday 16th & 17th July 2016 weekend, tutorial session at Kangaroo Point on Saturday and Stinson Bush walking on Sunday.

Started at 0830 at the river café KP (up the top) for a quick coffee and commencing at the Riverlife centre at 0900 printed out the two attached ‘assessment records’ in email.

Organize work proprieties and work development, provide work skill instruction assessment print outs.

Got a data sheet of things i need to complete and finish to stay up to date, need to finish a few things, hand in current logbooks. Need to do  SAMPLE lesson plan up and hand it in for assessment.  Finished at 2pm.

Bush walking -The Stinson

Starting at 0730 at Stinson Park (the camping area on Christmas Creek next to the recreational centre). We expected to finish at 16:30 back at the car.  But was slightly delayed due to client. Very long day.

In February 1937, the Stinson airliner left Brisbane bound for Sydney and Lismore, never to return. In crossing the McPherson ranges, above the area now known as the Lamington Plateau, the aircraft was thrown from the sky by cyclonic winds and crashed into the jungle.

So we made our way to the Stinson crash site, helping clients along the way. The track was muddy and slippy in parts so helping each other in parts, crossing the river crossing, some clients found it harder than others. 8 Kms over one day. Enjoying the weather and walk.

We did a regular head count and checks to make sure everyone was ok, timing was important so we gave encouragement to clients to keep the pace up,

Bushwalking StinsonThe Terrain:- Rain forest terrain that involves almost consent steep climbs and descents, plenty of clambering around and through storm damaged areas, with fallen trees and steep rocky slopes to be negotiated that are often wet and slippery in the high rainfall zone. Because of this we made sure that all our clients were being extra careful with how they placed there feet, /ankles.

Martin and i stayed behind with one client who was finding it extra steep terrain, we helped her with placement of how to get down in certain parts. Always talking to her, keep moving and giving her motivation as she was very tired and was lacking energy,  she had cramps, Martin gave her a hydralyte drink, to help with energy levels, keeping fluids up.

Coming back in the dark but we all went prepared with head torches. Awesome day out bush walking!


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