Logbook 24 & 25 weekend 9/10 July 2016

Logbook 24 & 25 weekend 9/10 July 2016


Logbook 24 & 25 weekend 9th /10th July 2016 glasshouse abseiling. Only 5 clients (small numbers),
Tom supervised while us students practiced our abseiling and rock
climbing briefs, assessment of theses on Sunday. We rigged an
abseil and top-rope climb for demos, running though our briefs.

Remembering the correct format in which to say things so i don’t forget to mention anything else.

Format:-  What, When, Where, Things to Mention:-

  • P= Personal items
  • T= Toilets
  • S = Smoking
  • S= Sunscreen / Hats
  • W= Water
  • Environment (- Rubbish, Staying to the Tracks)
  • H= Hazards

Safety Rules:-

1)Do not go over the edge with out a safety Line,

2) Do not take off your safety line only an instructor will do this,

3) Look out for everyone if you see something wrong or not looking right please call an instructor over. 

My typed up briefs for practicing:- 

Abseiling Brief :-  How to Abseil brief, we have a device called a figure 8 which the rope runs through and connected with a carabiner, this is connected to your harness, instructors will connect you to the rope, you do not need to worry about this, you will have your feet shoulder width apart, and slowly make your way to the edge of the cliff, leaning back in your harness, knees and legs straight, now you can slowly move your feet down the wall, Go is allowing your hand up, stop is lock of by your hips,  Body at 12.00 o’clock and hand at four o’clock, when moving down the wall you need to keep your feet flat against the wall “No tip toes”.  I also have a bottom belay person who is an instructor, if something happens they will lock off the rope and you will not be able to move any further. When you want to be able to move again you will, have your hand back on the rope locked off ready to abseil again, say “In Control” and the bottom belay instructor will let you abseil down the wall. Anything to add Martin or instructors?, We will now break into groups have an awesome time abseiling!


Safety Rules to mention;- Helmets must be worn within 4 meters of the cliff, We yell “Rock” if something is falling , important you do not look up, look down. 

Rock climbing Brief:- Today we are going to show you how to rock climb with a top rope system, top rope climbing means that there is anchor points at the top and the rope runs through the bolts / anchors. The rope closest to the wall is the climbers end and the other end is what we call the belayer end. Before we do anything we need to check the rope is untwisted. Take the Rope closest end to the wall which we need to tie in the climber, we do this with a Figure 8 knot and a stopper knot = double fisherman’s knot to tie in the climber , “You do not need to do this as an instructor will do this for you” – now this end is the belayer end we use a Bug / belay device to control the rope for the climber to allow safe climbing and abseiling back down. we take a bit/ bite of rope and feed it through the device, the top part of the rope should go to the anchors and then the climber the bottom part should go to the rest of the coiled rope on the ground.

We use a FIVE POINT system called V to the Knee 1 2 3, this is to keep the climber safe at all times, (Demonstrate)

Buddy checks – checking that the climber is tied in, harness, helmet, shoes all safe backed off, checking the belayer is connected carabiner screwed up, The belayer needs to take all the slack out of the rope, being a dynamic rope it has a lot of stretch in it, it is a dynamic rope to allow a safe fall the rope will stretch a little.

Things to remember while climbing are:- Take all the stretch out of the rope, Buddy checks!, Keep the rope between your arms, Do not have it to one side as this could cause a pendulum swing, Do not climb to far to the left or right of the climb. Before and When lowering a climber an instructor must be present at all times!, No lowering without an instructor as it is the most dangerous part. 

We will now split into groups for climbing , Happy climbing 😀

Sunday. 11:30am start at KP assessment on all the briefs.

Me abseiling briefs

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