Logbook 22 & 23 Vertical Rescue Long weekend training

Logbook 22 & 23 Vertical Rescue Long weekend training


Long weekend training Friday 24th to Sunday 26th June 2016,

Huge Weekend Friday Vertical Rescue at KP, Saturday in the Glasshouses doing rescue scenarios based on Friday’s training and also top-belay rescue revision and ASSESSMENT practicing releasable and refreshing our knowledge. Sunday clients; 16 abseilers in the morning and 6 climbers in the arvo. “No help this Sunday just us students running the session with Martin”.  Meet and greet, rigging, harnessing them up, BIG LEARNING WEEKEND!.

Fridays Notes:- 

Releasable adjustable top belay abseil knot Munter hitch video, i made a video of Martin doing this so it would be easier to go back to and practice, converted the video, sent to Martin so we all can use the video for the future.

Practicing Vertical rescues down, Vertical rescues down scenarios.

Vertical Rescue trainingVertical Rescue training ww Vertical Rescue training worth wild

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