Logbook 20 & 21 Abseiling with Tom & Mobility at height.

Logbook 20 & 21 Abseiling with Tom & Mobility at height.


“Best Day of the Course so far for confidence in myself”

Saturday 11 June 2016  Helping Tom Abseiling with clients, Large group.

I did Top belay for the 50 Meter Abseil first time at Mt Ngungun and today for me was a huge day. I had a client that was very nervous, shaking and scared, i had a talk to her saying that at every stage i will be here talking step by step through what you are going to do. And explained she is attached to a Top rope belay i have control of her as well,  at all times there is two people me above and Chris Vincent below if she needs to yell out.

She was shaking a lot when i put her safely line on, and told her to slowly move towards the edge where she was going to abseil, she said that she couldn’t do the abseil, so i told her to move back to where she would be safe to remove the safety line and to take a moment to relax and watch her friend first.

I talked her friend and over the edge and she abseiled down, now for her to do the abseil, i said for her to look at me instead of looking down, getting worried and scared, i talked her through what i was doing, im attaching your safety line please watch your step, and follow me, look at me, now im going to attach your abseil device to you, please hold the rope on your right hand side by your hips, remember that you hold tight to your body to lock the abseil off and pull the rope out from your body to slowly move down the rope, Keep your feet shoulder width apart , feet flat against the wall, you can do this, keep looking at me, i am now going to take your safety line off and slowly walk backwards , leaning back and moving your feet over the edge,  When she got really worried i said look at me and gave support and then i said “Your Abseiling” !

She did it ! And i got a very nervous and scared women over the edge to do a 50 Meter abseil ! Such an awesome feeling!  Unfortunately i forgot the woman’s name and i didn’t get to get any feedback as i was at the top, Top belaying and also it started to rain a little.

Tom was there though, i feel like this has helped my confidence a lot awesome day, feeling of achievement and getting somewhere with the course, working hard to learn a lot but also trying to get more confident in myself.

Photos of me below:- Top Belaying Today

Me guiding abseiling saturday 11 06 201650 metre, Me guiding abseiling 11 06 2016


Sunday 12th June 2016  Mobility at height, Some Photos Below:-

Mobility at heightMobility at height

Abseiling, worthwild Vertical Rescue top belay set up:-

  • Safety line – Make sure it reaches the edge of the cliff.
  • Throw Rope over
  • measure the rope 1 meter then rope pro
  • Pull up Rope – leave 1 meter on the ground
  • Directional figure 8
  • Munter hitch, slip knot (one meter pull through)
  • Double fisamans Knot

At around 12.00am we had finished, and got offered to go home, but i stayed with the afternoon lesson/ session to get some more learning in and repeated learning the above working with Enikő in the afternoon and we did a video together, also helped in trying to remember the process. (Need to give Enikő and Martin a copy of the video too)

Taking a video and photos of me tieing this all together step by step will help for future. Need to practice again and again to not forget this process.

Very good weekend and learning lots need to keep practicing. (Next weekend off.)


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