Logbook 16 & 17 Navex End of Module one

Logbook 16 & 17 Navex End of Module one


Saturday 14th of May 2016, Navex at the Glasshouse, Directions below.

worthwild navex Navex training in the morning and then some clients joined us in the afternoon.

Lots of notes taken for the Navigation today, was good to have our first clients for the navigation, slowly getting confidence, need to still work on the Navigation map reading. (only our second time doing Navigation)

A bit of team dynamics training (team building) Below Photos

team building fun worthwild crew Team building - worthwild


Sunday 15th first Cert III tutorial – commencing Mod 2.  Meeting talking about Module 2 at Kangaroo Point.

Notes:- Payment needs to be made,

Talking about future cert3 and cert4, activity planing, and weather.

Options of adding on things for the course Bush walking, Canoeing / Kayaking, Multi pitch

Main points:-

  • Cert 3 Started today Sunday 15th May 2016 ( Module 2 )
  • Cert 3 includes units in Wilderness First Aid  (Long Weekend Monday to Friday date to be confirmed)
  • Remember that OTJ ( on the job ) training is a serious workplace commitment and we will be counting on you to attend once rostered on.
  • Remember our commitment and consequences re missing classes
  • I have expressed interest in the following add ons Bushing walking $65.00, Paddling, Multi pitch (Need to get a quote for the rest added on later on.)
  • I need to get a standard First aid cert for $95.00 extra

Training.gov.au – Module units

Funding for Cert 4 if you work in the outdoor industry

F = Forming, S= Storming, N=norming, P= Performing, Standard, Level A=Adjourning

Talking about Activity standards.

Basic First aid Kit:-

  • Heat Rub
  • Burn-aide Gel
  • Woven dressings
  • tape
  • Panadol / pain killers
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Gloves/ Face mask
  • iodine (to make water pure to drink)
  • Snake kit
  • thermal blanket
  • Scissors/ Knife

Write a Plan, Portfolio of plans, 8clients abseiling at glasshouse, at KP , Glasshouse Climbing

Weather start learning and reading the weather, start to write forecasts for the next seven days and write the forecast for the activity days (weekends).

Lots more Notes in my hand Written Logbook if needed





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