Logbook 13 &14 ( I’m back )

Logbook 13 &14 ( I’m back )


First weekend back from my mountaineering trip. Good to catch up with everyone again 😀

Saturday 31st April 2016 and Sunday 1st May 2016

Saturday meeting at Mt Ngungun for rock climbing session meeting at 7.30am, till 4.00pm excellent day, getting confident with guiding rock climbing,  i had two clients for the session.

Christiane and her partner. – Christiane one of my clients was very nervous about climbing so i reassured her that she is on a Top rope and she can do this! She was about to give up for the day, being tired and so on, i said she should have a drink and something to eat and then go back and concur her climb.

  Having not made it to the top yet,  i gave her some more tips and to take her time on her climb, and i said she can do this, “you should want to get to the top to see the beautiful views!” I helped guide her feet slowly up, ….. She made it, i yelled out to make sure, enjoy the views!

She gave me a hug for helping her, was good seeing her achieve her first climb, as she has never done rock climbing before. Good feedback from Christiane forgot to get the feedback written down as it started to rain, and she was leaving to head back down.

Christiane said ill make a good Guide and leader, good to have positive comments, (as at times i can be nervous myself) helps to reassure me,  And thanks to Martin today for the good feedback as well, awesome rewarding day.


Sunday 1st May 2016

Washed out on the mountain today so a bit of ‘undercover’ skills training with Biggenden Emergency Services Cadets

Meeting at Mt Ngungun at 7.30am, Very wet today which is unfortunate, text Martin about meeting, we ended up meeting around the corner at the cafe because of the rain.

Today we were meant to be abseiling with the Emergency services cadets, but good to do some ground undercover skills instead. Learning to deal with all the questions of cadet kids, really good to show them some stuff up and close on the ground training. We did this for a couple of hours, then had a chat and drink at the cafe, Thank you Martin. Nice to finish early and keep out of the rain.

Emergency service cadets and me teaching




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