Logbook 15 and 16 Samford huge weekend

Logbook 15 and 16 Samford huge weekend


Saturday 7th May 2016, I arrived at Kangaroo point at 11.00am to assist pack up and attend the afternoon tutorials. Talking about Customer service, catching up on filling out our assessments, how to deal with clients in different situations, the importance of signing clients on, making sure all documents are filled out correctly.

Each client needs to fill out a signed waver, on the day need to sign in on Activity Summary sign on sheet, check outstanding payments due with the client if needed. Gift Vouchers need to be valid and checked they are correct.(Must match the correct client details when signing them on, a lot going on, so remember to check all details.)

We talked about the importance of recording things that happen, filling out a Loss / Damage Report if needed. Health and safety reporting if needed.


  Sunday 8th May huge day with a drive to Samford, then drive to Mt Ngungun glasshouse, beautiful sunny hot day, needed lots of water, sunscreen and mosquito spray!

Very Long day Samford 7.30am till 11.00am, arrived at Mt ngungun at 12.00am till 5.00pm, Got back home at 6.30pm

Meeting at Samford at 7.30am i arrived early to make sure i knew where to meet. Today we did abseiling from the Baden powell park tower.

Setting up was a lot different because of the wooden tower, No cliffs today. (Didn’t need helmets, or rope protectors) The wooden pillar we used as an anchor is boom proof so we could anchor off the one solid beam.

We used Top Belay on the tower, i did top belay from 12 meters on the tower with Scotty belaying beside me and Chris Nerve.

Chris Nerve makes me feel nervous as he stood over me a lot, he didn’t see me tie a knot and asked if i could do it again and then said it was correct, just makes me feel nervous and question myself.  (Checking my knots is a excellent thing!, just maybe look from a distance and then pull me up if there is an issue.)

Im still learning to find my voice and get confidence, confidence in myself, with what i do, (people who know me well, know im a shy, quite person) some times find people a little overwhelming when they are forward / loud and just take over the situation, when i had control of it,  i have not worked with Chris that much as we have been on different weekends, just felt a little overwhelmed.

Chris showed me / told me to do the sports top belay and said i should do this with kids that are light, the rope has less friction going through the belay device. And with Adults always keeping to the normal abseil figure 8 loading. Chris asked how many times i have done Top belay?, this is my second time with clients, he recommends that i need more practice, and was going to mention / make a note to Martin.

One kid punched another kid not sure what for, i personally didn’t see this, just turned around to see a poor little boy cry after being punched in the chest, parents were there and Chris had to step in and say anymore hassles he would not get anymore abseils.

I had a few Kids that were nervous about going over the edge, felt good to teach them how to get over the edge and abseil, seeing there happy faces when they had achieved abseiling down.

Hectic morning and now for the drive to Mt Ngungun. Busy with lots of traffic, even saw some army trucks along the side of the highway.

Afternoon Rock climbing Mt Ngungun

11.00am leave Samford to go to Mt Ngungun arrived at 12.00 to do a Rock climbing session with Tom. Large Group of clients to go rock climbing today.

I welcomed people and told them to see tom to sign on, then handed out gear for climbing. Since this was such a large group we split up into groups and i guided 8 clients to the top, when we arrived i told them to have a drink, enjoy the views and then we would harness up / helmet on for climbing.

Rock Rule reminder:-

Tom reminded us about the Rock rule before going down to the crag. Always remember to say the Rock rule to clients, Always shout out Rock if something is going to fall of the cliff, always look down, and brace, always have helmet on 4metres within the cliff. So do not take your helmet off!

This was a very good session, i had a group of three clients for the afternoon. Jaicki, Sue and Grace. They had done a little abseiling before but not rock climbing, i taught them how to belay, do buddy checks and what to look for, tips on rock climbing better, and started to show them how to tie in.

I felt very comfortable and confident with guiding today’s rock climbing session, i talked them through everything and made sure they were safe and had an awesome time while learning how to be safe and also look out for each other.

Today i got three assistant leader feedback forms filled out which was really good to get good feedback from clients, Also recommended the 50 meter abseil to the clients i had with us around the corner at Mt Ngugun, they said they look forward to coming back for some abseiling.

I helped take down all the ropes and gear from the top de- rigging, got some good feedback from Tom, lucky to have good beautiful weather, long day, finishing up at 5.00pm.

Below is a photo of Samford tower, remembering the rigging as well.

samford abseiling samford abseiling tower

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