Logbook 12

Logbook 12


Outdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

Saturday 2nd April, Kangaroo point 6.30 am start till 1.30pm short day today.

Rona on top belay trainingToday Abseiling at KP on Saturday morning with clients followed by tutorials on running Abseiling / Rock climbing sessions. Abseiling session with top belay with actual clients while others practice skills.

Today was a really good day getting hands on with clients while top belaying, did the top belay really well today, notes are pushing the bowline over the top/ slide it along with one hand to make it tight ( making it easier ) and then tie the stopper knot nice and close. Felt that i have gained a lot of confidence with top belaying with clients, talking to the client as im doing things to make them less nervous if its there first time.

Did a lot of top belaying with clients today then talking as a group about the next few weeks outlook plans, Sunday 3rd April i get to have off ( Going away for two weeks New Zealand, Mountaineering course) Making a note to catch up when i come back.

Other notes Keep up to date with logbooks, course exams / books. Starting to learn about the briefs we give clients before the abseil lesson, we have set standards to follow and not miss out. ( Make cards as notes for the future.) Look on worth wild website.

I decided to miss the wilderness first aid course but making a note i need to do this in the future, plus a basic first aid. Think about weather i am doing the kayak and canoeing add on to the course. (in months to come).

Was a beautiful sunny hot day, Last day with worth wild for three weeks going away mountaineering course, will report when i get back to catch up.

me top belay training 3 04 2016 First day Top Belaying with real clients!

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