Logbook 11 Top belay and escape belay

Logbook 11 Top belay and escape belay

Outdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

Sunday 20th of March 2016, Kangaroo point 7.15 am start till 12.00 short day today.

Today we did Top belaying and escape the top belay, practice makes perfect, nice and small group of students which helped us learning and being able to repeat more. (Four students  Angela, Jesse, scotty including me, recommend we keep the small classes going alot more information gained and training time.

I have taken some more pictures to help as a reference below:

X2 Alphine Butterfly Knots,One to connect the top belay person and one to connect the figure 8 device. Photo below

Martin said i need to be able to tie the Alpine knot off my hand, something i need to practice, because i tie the knot using my hand. (Which works for small alpine knots but not large ones! = practice needed) 

Something else to remember is cross loading the carabiner and the figure 8, tend to move around keep and eye on beware of this, keep hand on so this doesn’t happen.

Top belay, abseilingFigure 8 Device make sure has a smile on the top reference below photo, also note how the carabiner is placed upwards in position.

Abseiling deviceBowline Knot to connect the abseiler to the top belay Top belay abseiling climbntravel

When doing the escape belay, Left hand gets as much rope as possible then pretend that your right hand is connect to your knees,  bend down at same time as pulling rope up through belay device. (must do this at same time) becarfull not to strain the body bending over, remember to be comfortable, back straight legs straight. I personally found it hard not to want to bend over (weight of the abseil person) to begin with but let the rope / rigging take the weight not you personally or will do damage, once i repeated this i have found this easier.

Need to keep practicing my knots and remembering the names to them, sometimes forgetting names to the correct knot. Keep practicing till i know them inside out and becomes second nature.

Another beautiful sunny day at Kangaroo point, today was very good, Next weekend is Easter next weekend off. Back on Saturday 2nd of April 2016.

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