Logbook 10 Worth wild outdoor leader course

Logbook 10 Worth wild outdoor leader course


Kangroo Point Brisbane, rock climbing, abseiling, climbntravelOutdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

Saturday 19th of March 2016, Kangaroo point 11.00am start till 2.00pm short day today. ( Voting day )

Today we Practiced rigging skills, i handed in my assessments back in that needed to be fixed, today was optional for extra Practice. I decided to take photos of my rigging today to help remember and as a good reference.

Rigging for both an abseil and a climb session, going through different ways of rigging up the same climb but with different knots.

Kangroo point pillar Important things i found out today are, i used a Figure 8 knot on the bite around the pillars (Reference above Photo) which is good but long term wise is not good, will wear the ropes out, instead use slings around the pillars and then attach the figure 8 knot on the bite with a carabiner. This will make the ropes last, replacing a sling is cheaper and more cost effective than replacing a rope or cutting the rope because of wear.

(I used to have one carabiner up = screw gate facing top of cliff) and one down = facing down to the bottom of cliff) this is wrong, old school, do not do any more.) Screw gate Carabiners straight edge againest the wall, screw gate facing down to gravity so it will not unscrew. Reference photo below.

CarabinerMy Alphine Butterfly Knot Used to put my Safety line in the middle of the rope because the safety line was not long enough.

Alphine Knot, safety lineFigure 8 directional knot, this was needed because the tree was too far over, the figure 8 knot can be adjusted to suit the angle using a tape around the tree.

directional figure 8Make sure doing a knot for a sling the tails are opposite each other my photo reference below.

Tape Knot

Beautiful hot day today, in Brisbane Finishing early at 2.00pm

Kangroo Point Brisbane, rock climbing, abseiling, climbntravel

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