Log Book 8 and 9

Log Book 8


Outdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

Saturday 12th of March 2016, Glasshouse mountains rock climbing session with Tom, 7:30am start. 

Today we had a small group of climbers (x6) at Mt Ngungun and only three of us students showed up which gave us our first real one on one training with clients.

Belaying for the clients, teaching them the steps in belaying, V to the knee, one, two, three, the Figure 8 tie in knot, different belay devices,

Today i learn’t about the belay device with a coil underneath (old school belay device) only connect the carabiner to the rope and through belay loop on harness, not through the coil as well otherwise it gets stuck.!

 A nice sunny day until the afternoon very light shower, four clients stayed for the afternoon discussing different climbing shoes, South east Queensland guide book for crags, i had time for one climb with Zoran in the afternoon was a good full on day with clients.

Tom filled out an assistant leader paperwork assessment for the day (first one on one with clients). Down at 3pm finished and packed up to leave 4pm


Look Book 9

Outdoor Leader course, with Worth wild, My Logbook,

Sunday 13th of March 2016, Glasshouse mountains (mt Ngungun) Single Pitch Abseiling skills session 7:30am arrival for 8.00am start.

*Got paper work back from Martin to go through, fix and fill out.

Today we did Single Pitch abseiling, prussik knots, stopping safely on an abseil, how to get the prussik loose again if it gets stuck with a foot step up on the rope. figure 8 device locking it off, Bum and thigh wrap if you need your hands free.

Today we had a lot of showers, packing up and finishing the day early at 1.30pm.

Making a note of Opportunity to practice rigging skills and any other areas that i want to review, Next weekend Saturday 19th March is optional. ( Im going to take advantage of this, catching up before i go away to New Zealand mountaineering trip)

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