A new Friend, Charlie – Jack Russell x Scottish Terrier

A new Friend, Charlie – Jack Russell x Scottish Terrier


Today 14/08/2015 i have gone on a Road trip to Bribie island on the sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia and i have made a new friend 🙂

A little Female Jack Russell cross Scottish Terrier, she has a little white fluffy coat, and as soon as she was allowed out the door she came to me very playful and curious to whats going on. Jumps up two paws and gives kisses to say hello.

Her original owner could no longer take care of her, she is so cute! Fell in love with her playfulness and cuteness, and i wanted a little dog i could take on small adventures / walks and company, and so i decided to name her Charlie.

 Charlie, Jack Russell x Scottish Terrier, Birth date:- 24/10/2012

Charlie can be very cheeky!, Sometimes call her Cheeky charlie, that little look i get (cute look) ive had to teach her toilet training and how to walk on a lead as she didn’t go on walks and she used to live outside but love her to bits, she is settling in nice now, lots of little adventures now with charlie 😀

Cute Little Charlie



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