Glass House Mountains – Sunshine Coast – Australia

Glass house mountains - Climb and travel

Glass House Mountains – Sunshine Coast – Australia

Discover the Famous Glass House Mountains, renowned for its natural beauty, The famous Glass House Mountains are intrusive plugs, remnants of volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago, As the volcanic mountains cooled, interesting vertical columns formed and this feature can be seen today at Mount Beerwah, Mount Ngungun and Mount Coonowrin.

The Glass house mountains is a hinterland town of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, It is located approximately 64 kilometers – 40 miles north of Brisbane.

From Brisbane, follow the Bruce Highway north, take the Glass House Mountains tourist drive turn-off and follow the signs to the Glass House Mountains.

Glass House Mountains – Sunshine Coast – Australia

There are 11 Glass House Mountains:-

1) Mount Beerwah                                 556 meters     Climbed to the Summit, = 1/11/2015
Mount Beerwah is the highest of the Eleven volcanic plugs in the Glass House Mountains range,

With the summit track closed due to a massive rockfall in 2008 the East face is an alternative route to the summit. It is quite steep and exposed in a lot of places and not recommended if you don’t have experience in scrambling or Rock climbing. ( Please Note and ensure you have adequate safety equipment and training before attempting this.)

Update the tourist route is now open –

I personally found the east face very exposed in areas you need to be experienced in rock climbing , this a very rewarding climb getting to the summit with some interesting rock formations and bat caves to check out. Make sure you have grippy shoes, Some bush bashing required in overgrown sections of the track, 360 degree views of all the glasshouse mountains at the top make the hike up well worthwhile.

2) Mount Coonowrin                              377m

3) Mount Tibrogargan                            364m              Climbed to the Summit – Climb equivalent to 50 storeys of a high-rise building, Mount Tibrogargan has been a popular climbing spot for years, it has a wide and varied range of climbs of different styles. Sport and trad climbing.

Mount Tibrogargan i have done quite a few times its a fun climb up, Almost a free climb instead of a hike, make sure you have grippy shoes, Worth the challenge! Hope you like rock climbing! Very rewarding when you get to the summit with awesome views.
4) Mount Tunbubudia – The Twins    312 – 293m

5) Mount Beerburrum                            278m             Walked to the summit – Walking track (Grade 4) – 1.4km return
6) Mount Ngungun                                 253m            (Grade 4 walking track) 2.8km return      – Walked to the Summit & Sport Lead Climbing
Mount Ngungun Walking Trail – An easy 20 minute walk to the top of Mount Ngungun. It’s one of the smaller Glasshouse Mountains, An easy walk for the Family, with Spectacular views over the Coast and the Hinterland from the top. It’s a very popular walk, so expect crowds.

Rock climbing  and Abseiling at Mount Ngungun Especially good for beginners and very accessible, Mt Ngungun is also popular for teaching abseiling and Rock climbing, This is where i got taught to sport lead climb, and top rope climb, there are regular courses run here.

Some of the climbs are Andromeda, Babylon and The Sentinals. Add to that shadiness in summer, great views & easy accessibility, be careful as there can be loose rocks around, I have been climbing here and had a huge chunk of rock come off in my hand! Helmets, as always, are advisable!  Please respect the environment and other people’s enjoyment of it. A great place to Rock climb / Lead climb! – Recommend getting the guide book for theses climbing areas below 😀

Guidebook for rock climbing in South East Queensland.

-See The Craig website, rock climbing crags around the world

I did two courses with Pinnacle sports Top Rope, and Sport Lead course recommend them for courses and gear please see link below. Very helpful if you have any questions, For courses on Rock climbing see:-

7) Mount Coochin                                  235m
8) Mount Tibberoowuccum                    220m

9) Wild horse Mountain                         123m             Walked to the summit
Wild Horse Mountain is the smallest of the Glass House Mountains, a nice short walk, Beautiful Lookout with Amazing 360 degree views over all of the rest of the Glass House Mountains and ocean.

10) Mount Miketeebumuigral                 199m

11) Mount Elimbah or the saddle-back 129 metres

Click on the below map for directions to the locations 

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