Climb Skypoint, Australia

Climb Skypoint, Australia


Love traveling, love climbing, love the beach and want to see beautiful views for miles ? Then………

Climbing Skypoint, Australia’s highest external building climb, on the beautiful Gold Coast Queensland, Australia is for you!

skypoint australia“I can touch the clouds from here” …………..  “Im on top of the world”, Theses’ are the feelings you will get by climbing skypoint .

 With breathtaking and spectacular 360 degree views of the Gold Coast region, from the Gold Coast’s golden beaches, surf and sand to the hinterland and beyond SkyPoint Climb is a must-do Climb on the gold coast

Standing on a platform…… 270 meters above sea level this is a fantastic opportunity to be adventurous and climb up the very top of the 77 storey, Q1 building on the Gold Coast.

The observations deck in on the 77th floor and the climb which starts at the 77th floor and ends at 80th floor, which takes about 90 minutes.

Starting with suiting up / safety instructions (and reassurance for those who needed it) to the actual climb outside of the building and debriefing upon return.
The guides are very friendly and are very knowledgeable on the points of interest, and engaged very well with our group. This is a suitable experience for all aged groups (except very young children) and not to be missed.

A little disappoint you are not allowed to take your own camera with you on the climb as they say its unsafe, but they do take a group photo for you which can be purchased, and they take extra photos for you if you would like them!, you also get a survivor hat!

An awesome adventure and climb and I highly recommend it!

So why not Climb and travel up skypoint 🙂

Located about an hour from Brisbane city, via the pacific motorway,

Why not visit the Gold Coast and Climb to the top of Skypoint.

Prices start from $69 for adults.

Skypoint –  Level 77 of Q1, Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, Queensland

(07) 5582 2700

Climb Skypoint, Australia

Do you have a climb n travel question, a story to share, any advise for me, or just want to say hello?  I would love to hear from you!

Get out there and Climb and Travel!

Thank you for all your support and for visiting my site 🙂

Me climbntravel at skypoint australia

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