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Im Rona, the author of this blog / website

Live, Love, Climb and Travel 

Embrace the adventure, Rise to the challenge.

  Rock climbing, Road tripping, Hiking, Traveling, adventures, being wild & living free!

Climbing and traveling –  A Feeling Like No Other! The feeling of being Alive!

For me climbing and traveling makes makes me feel alive, free and my heart sing.  That feeling of escaping, being out in the wild, no place to be just that moment in time! The sweet sound of nature and birds singing, the feeling of breathing in the cool fresh air into your lungs, the feeling of your body getting tired but pushing hard to make your next move, Once you are at the top and look down to your starting point, which appears to look further down than it did looking up, it can only be described as “WOW”. The Views for miles and miles. You almost feel super human, even though you may be dead tired. That feeling of being ALIVE! 🙂

“Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul”

Climb and Travel will be featuring my personal travel experiences, adventures, stories and advice, to inspire and encourage you to get out and go on your own crazy wild adventures!, lets go on adventure …as you only have one life and i believe everyone should enjoy all the beautiful places waiting for you to discover!

One life, One shot, So make it count, Live your dream!!!!

Find my latest crazy, wild adventures, advice, travel tips and inspiration through out my website and blogs. If you’re interested in this website and blogs and would like more information, to keep up to date please sign up to be on the email list, on the right hand side.

Do you have a climb and travel question, a story to share, any advise for me, or just want to say hello?  I would love to hear from you!

Get out there and Climb and Travel !

Thank you for all your support and for visiting my site 🙂

Help support me on my climb and travel adventures with the products / merchandise in my shop, I have custom designed theses and i produce them myself too thanks heaps.

Rock climbing

What Rock climbing can do for you? Rock climbing is more than just another outdoor sport! Rock climbing is more than an excuse to accumulate an entire closet worth of gear, which can be expensive. It’s a way to meet some of the most amazing and inspiring people, sharing stories, an excuse to travel to beautiful places, and a way to learn more than you ever thought possible about who you are and how you respond to challenges.

Problem solving Technique takes you further than just strength. I love the fact that I can find my own way how to conquer a difficult part of a route, which sometimes is totally different to my climbing partner’s way for achieving the same route. Thinking differently and learning different techniques, being able to come off a climb after not making it and taking another approach and coming back smashing it because you have changed the way you see the climb.
It’s about pushing yourself your body physically and mentally to make the next move. Achieve the climb! Being able to adapt and change technique to then concur.
Climbing also inspires people to get out into the wild outdoors. Fresh air, beautiful sceneries, magnificent mountains and… YOU.
Of course climbing is good exercise. You got to hike in and carry a huge backpack of gear just to get to the base of the climb. Then while climbing you have to utilize every muscle in your body in order to get to the top. But for me, the physical benefits are an added bonus to the mental side of climbing. The feeling of alive and free!
Climbing offers a great channel for Stress, You need 100% focus while making your way up the route. If you have something on your mind, it will go away in no time. And your mind will go to thinking about achieving the climb instead of anything else.
Everyone can do it I have seen three years old climbers and I have also seen seventy five years old ones. Age, gender or size does not matter! Climbing is for all. It’s Fun! Get out and enjoy!
It’s a sport every outdoor enthusiast should try and provides benefits every outdoor enthusiast should know about!

Do you have a climb n travel question, a story to share, any advise for me, or just want to say hello?  I would love to hear from you!


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