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climbntravel Live Breathe AdventureWho is behind Climb n Travel ?, About the author,

Im Rona

You would normally find me climbing or traveling somewhere……

…..otherwise id be planning and thinking about my next adventure… ( While working! 🙂 )

I have always had a passion and desire to travel and explore and go on crazy, wild, adventures! Truth be told i feel more alive when im out exploring and traveling somewhere, Enjoying the little things and beautiful things in life, waking up early just to see the sunrise! (My Favorite!) Walking along the beach and im the only one in sight for miles, sand between my toes, Long Road-trips -the wind in my hair and no where to be, i can drive and sight see for miles, camping, hiking, and recently added Rock climbing / Mountaineering.

I have lived in Three very different country’s England, New Zealand and currently Australia. They all have there positives and negatives like any places in the world.

I have alot of friends and family overseas here is a small record of all my adventures 🙂 
Places ive been to so far: England, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, touch down in France , all round North island of New Zealand and now currently living in and exploring Australia.

Sharing my story….

This is a blog / website sharing my story, my adventures, travels, road-trips, climbing and hopefully inspire and encourage you to get out and go on your own crazy wild adventures!, as you only have one life and i believe everyone should enjoy all the beautiful places waiting for you to discover!

I will also share my experiences, my failures and successes, ( good or bad ) courses that i go on recommend, resources i find helpful, being books, movies, websites, seminars that i have gone too and more, follow me on my adventures….. Find your adventure!

To all my Family and Friends here and overseas, here is my climbing and Traveling adventures, love you 🙂

Most common questions i get asked is:-

Why Climb n Travel, 

Live, Love, Climb n Travel – information blog below:- 

Climb and Travel

Why Travel?

Why Travel?

Why Rock Climb?

Why do I Rock climb?

Please respect my Content and webpage, Read the Disclaimer page.

Do you have a climb n travel question, a story to share, any advise for me, or just want to say hello?  I would love to hear from you!

Follow me with all my climbing and traveling adventures……

me - climbntravel.comThanks Rona

 Email me :- climbntravel@gmail.com


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