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Mountaineering New Zealand

What is life but one GRAND ADVENTURE!

I love the mountains the fresh air in my lungs,……….

the freedom,

the silence,

the views ,

to just sit and admire where I am in that moment in time.

Time is still in that moment, treasure it.

First I started to Search online for a compressive course to learn the skills to keep me safe in the mountains for beginners. I’m talking mountaineering, ice ace and crampons which I had never done before, so I spent a lot of time doing research first, It was then I found Aspiring guides in the South island of New Zealand.

Trip didn’t take long to book after that, when I set my mind to achieving something i do it.

I Arrived in Wanaka Wednesday 6th of April till Tuesday 19th April, 2016.

Aspiring guides offer a 7-day mountaineering course, The Course started Sunday 10/04/2016 to the 16th of April 2016.

A small grow of 8 of us from all over the world, including x2 guides, we got a ride to Mount cook village staying at Unwin hut, we meet our guides Andy and Tie, went over some rope basics, tying knots, as well as getting to know each other before we headed out.

At the top of the Tasman Glacier sits Kelman hut which is where we made our base for the course.

Starting with the basics of putting crampons on, learning how to rope up for glacier travel, negotiation of avoiding crevasses, avalanche awareness, then moving onto more complex alpine climbing techniques, like placement of ice screws and equipment.

My High lights of the course:-

*Learning the technical mountaineering skills

*Climbing Hochstetter Dome 2,834 metres,- roped up and using our skills to place gear along the way up.

*Pushing my limits and jumping a crevasse with my full backpack on.

*Watching the sunrise and set in the alps is just breath takingly beautiful.

Check out the quick video of the adventure below.

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